High school is heaven. or hell? or somewhere in-between?

Length: 13 Episodes


angel wings

We are introduced to the world of Angel Beats along with Otonashi as he wakes up on the ground, in an unfamiliar school, wearing an unfamiliar uniform. Oh. and there’s also another girl named Yuri trying to snipe a girl she calls Angel. This high school is an afterlife, where young people who didn’t have good lives live out a normal school existence. Except for Yuri and her Battlefront group, who refuse to be “obliterated” and move on, cursing God and fighting against Angel.

angel beats sniper
Otonashi(left) and Yuri(right)

I really like the Angel Beats opening. I’m a sucker for a beautiful piano song.

It was a lot funnier and cuter than I thought it would be. With a show about the afterlife, I expected a lot of drama and tears. One of the particularly sad parts made me want to become an organ donor when I renew my licence (I currently am not one). The mechanics of the world weren’t explained fully, but I thought it was an interesting take on the afterlife. The ending was beautiful but very sad.