This is the magical girl anime that will break your heart.

…it’s one of my favorite anime

Full name: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Length: 12 episodes

Rating: 5/5

madoka kyubey

With the arrival of a mysterious transfer student, middle schooler Madoka Kaname enters a dangerous, magical world and begins a battle against fate. She meets Kyubey, a strange creature who promises to grant her any wish she desires in exchange for Madoka becoming a magical girl and battling against witches that cause chaos and harm to innocent bystanders.

madoka all 5A couple episodes into the series, what looked like a typical bubblegum-sweet magical girl show starts to get a lot darker. This eventually builds up to several shocking revelations and plot twists.

The unconventional-ness of this anime is part of what I love about it. It takes a very familiar show formula and does something unexpected with it. The ending made me cry. There are occasional heart warming moments, but mostly it is drama with little comedy. I love the animation of the witch battles. It’s very different from the animation in the rest of the show and has a trippy, eerie feel to it.

Madoka and a Witch
Madoka standing before a witch