Teen deals with forbidden love and murderous angels. Has a bad time.

angel sanctuary
Setsuna and Sara

Length: 3 episodes

Rating: 2/5

This anime is based on a manga of the same name. Since the anime is only 3 episodes long there is not a lot of time spent on character development or explaining how the angels and demons of the world work.

As if being a teenager wasn’t already hard enough Setsuna Mudo has the soul of a 3-winged angel named Alexiel trapped in his body. And he also harbors incestuous feelings for his sister Sara. The anime follows him struggling with these feelings and being hounded by angels and demons attempting to awaken Alexiel.

The anime ends on a cliff-hanger where Setsuna is approached by another angel asking for help, and he agrees to do it only if the angel will help him find Sara.