A video girl to soothe all your love-related pain

…but she’s not a porno. She just cooks and cheers you on ‘n stuff.

Length: 6 episodes

Rating: 3/5

Yota is a boy is the shitty position of having a crush on a girl (Meoemi)who is in love with his best friend (Takashi). Since Yota is a nice guy who cares about Moemi’s happiness he promises to help her get together with Takashi.

He then finds himself in a mysterious video store where he finds a video that promises to soothe the pain of his unrequited love. And then a girl pops out of his TV.


Because it’s a short OVA series, they start right in on the action and the plot goes along at a good pace without a lot of filler. The show has some sci fi elements based on what ’80s predictions of what future technology would be like. The comedic relief, mostly provided by Ai is a nice counterbalance to the relationship drama;