A soul who made a mistake gets a second chance at life in the body of a middle school boy

Length: 126 mins

Rating: 4/5

Makoto and family

The movie opens in a shadowy afterlife where a soul learns that they’ve been selected for another chance at life. This soul has made a mistake in its life and this “home stay” is a chance for reformation and for them to re-earn the right to be reborn.

This soul has no memories of its life. It is put into the body of Makoto Kobayashi, a middle school boy who committed suicide. The soul learns about Makoto’s life and the reasons leading to his suicide. The home stay will be successful if the soul can remember the mistake it made in its previous life.

The characters were complex and engaging. I liked the basic premise of the movie because I am interested in topics like death and the afterlife. I thought it was a beautiful movie. The moral of “no one is chromatic, they’re all made up of a variety of beautiful colors and you need to find your true colors” was a good lesson.