gargantia mecha pilot.png

A teenage mecha pilot adapts to life on an aquatic Earth.

Length: 13 episodes

Rating: 4/5

Leto is a teen soldier in a war between humans and some space squids. During a maneuver he gets sucked through a wormhole and finds himself on the planet of Earth: the origin of the humans who now live in space. It is entirely covered in water and the people who live there now survive on boats and technology scavenged from the bottom of the sea. Leto stays on Gargantia, one of the fleets.


The anime was fun and fast-paced. The main characters were interesting. I thought the theme of Leto who being a soldier who knew how to survive but not really live was done with a heavy hand (he basically said this in a voice over).

Around episode 9 the series got weird and dark. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but was just very different from the tone of the earlier episodes.