A (step-) brother and sister author-illustrator team kinda like like each other.

BUT they’re not related by blood, so that makes it okay. Except that she’s 12 …but they don’t actually kiss or anything. And she draws sexy girls for a living…I give up.

ero peeking
^How you feel watching this show

Length: 12 episodes

Rating: 3/5

A guy in high school is a light novel author and his shut-in sister draws the steamy illustrations for his books. They do all of their work over the internet, so they didn’t know the true identity of their partner.

Eromanga Sensei is outrageous but tiptoes around being obscene because when someone is nude there are conveniently-placed objects covering up the interesting bits and the main pair isn’t actually related by blood. But you still have a girl pulling down someone’s panties because she wants to see/draw them.

Gigguk sums up well how one feels while watching this show: “Anime is trash. (And so am I.)”