Rice boys compete against bread boys to become Japan’s favorite grain.

Title – Love Kome: We Love Rice

Length – 12 episodes (4 minutes each)

Rating – 3/5

This show features anthropomorphized rice boys with hair styles that rival those of trading card anime protagonists. But bread is bad news for the rice boys, it’s become so popular that people aren’t eating rice anymore.

The group enters the Harvest Show, a talent show for anthropomorphized food, and plans to make Japan love rice again by becoming HarveStars.

love kome giant rice ball

I am a sucker for any anime with a weird premise. So rice boys battling it out for popularity against bread boys sure caught my attention. My attention was kept by the ongoing bizarreness of the show. The show’s humor comes from doing unexpected things.

love kome head car
This car (?!?) is being driven by a dog

The short episodes kept everything moving along quickly, it never felt like the story dragged. It seemed like there were a lot of puns in the show (which didn’t translate well), but I don’t speak Japanese so I’m not sure.

Each episode’s credits features a rice recipe video.

love rice recipe

Word on the internet is that there will be a second season premiering in October 2017.