Cute boys keep you company while you fall asleep.

English Title: Pillow Boys

Length: 12 episodes (4 mins each)

Rating: 4/5

mkd sleep

mkd pervert

In this first-person anime you’re either waking up or about to fall asleep (it varies) and a cute boy is hanging out while murmuring sweet nothings to you.

Each character has a distinctive personality and backstory. With a range of boys that includes a gentle librarian, a shy college student who likes stargazing, and your (creepy, imo) senpai at work you’re sure to find a boy (or twelve) to suit your tastes.

I don’t play many video games, but if you like otome games this anime will likely appeal to you.

This show comforted and amused me. I liked watching a couple of episodes before I fell asleep each night.